Recycle. Reuse. Rejoice!

Recently, our solar cardboard boxes were recycled into car washes by the pre-prep red class at St. Paul’s School. The design project crafts self-confidence, problem-solving, creativity, and celebrates the importance of reusing and recycling boxes.

The project involved using Realm Thinking, in particular, Design Thinking. Students used the ‘Engage, Ideate and Prototype’ model to create and build a solution to their problem: dirty cars. They worked collaboratively to share ideas, examine different materials, test those materials and prototype working ideas.

According to Planet Ark, 51% of household waste gets recycled in Australia. Thank you, St Paul’s School for creating awareness for the war on waste. Energa Australia strongly believes that recycling is fundamental and are thrilled that our solar panel boxes were repurposed for such a brilliant project.


Photos used with the approval of St Paul’s School. The solar cardboard boxes in the project were supplied by Energa Australia’s co-owner  and Managing Director Glen Bulled, who installed solar panels for St. Paul’s School. Glen is an accredited Clean Energy Council installer. Read more about Energa Australia’s accreditation as energy consultants and technicians.