Energa was contracted in November 2019 by 7Springs Medical Practice to design and install a solar system, to ultimately reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs. Our approach included a detailed energy audit and focussed on using real-time data to gain an understanding of the medical practice’s energy needs. This allowed us to match their energy consumption to the right size solar system, which provided significant savings for the medical practice. To date, Energa has provided the client with the following data for their solar systems:

  • Production and consumption data of energy utilised onsite
  • Comparisons of how much the solar system should be generating versus actual generation on any given day
  • Alerts and faults diagnostics to identify and mitigate risks This data has enabled 7Springs Medical Practice to maximise their energy efficiency and achieve a 35% reduction in energy costs.

Scope of Services

Energa’s work with Port of Brisbane included the installation and setup of solar analytics on multiple port locations which provide insights into solar assets performance. 

Due to the success of the initial work, our relationship has continued to include the maintenance and monitoring of solar systems, improving overall solar panel efficiency.

Challenges and Opportunities

Looking for a solution to maximise their energy usage and reduce their costs, 7Springs Medical Practice had contacted several solar suppliers, however, were unable to find a solution to meet their individual energy concerns. 

We were able to break down each procurement and finance method available to the medical practice and conduct a 360-degree analysis of their energy profile, providing a solution that was easy for their Board to understand and maximised their return on investment. 

Solutions and Innovations

Solar panels use the suns radiation to generate heat and convert it into electricity onsite. This reduces the amount of electricity required from the grid and lowers energy costs, eliminating the need to pay for transmission and distribution costs for the energy generated onsite.

Energa helped 7Springs Medical Practice achieve real time visibility of solar production and consumption at their medical practice and avoid expensive demand charges from energy networks, by generating energy onsite. 

We added value to their business by pinpointing where they had the best opportunity to lower their energy costs, without compromising operations and created infrastructure for future energy needs. By reducing energy costs at the medical practice, more funds will now be made available for other
value adding aspects of their health service.

As new technologies emerge, Energa will look to make additional energy improvements and further future-proof 7Springs Medical Practice’s energy mix.

“Energa worked with 7Springs Medical Practice to help us reduce the cost of energy at our centre. On completion of the project, our energy bills have decreased by 35%. We were happy with Glen and his team that worked with us and committed to working weekends to minimise any disruption to our business. On completion of the project, we will recommend Energa to others that want to invest in reducing their cost of energy.”

Dene Creegan

7Springs Medical Practice General Manager