Port of Brisbane Energa was contracted in July 2018 by the Port of Brisbane to provide meaningful data about its solar production and consumption. Our work has supported the organisation to gain real-time live data for their solar systems and enhance the effectiveness of the systems through improved maintenance. To date, Energa has provided the client with the following data for their solar systems:

  • Daily and monthly data on the overall performance of the systems
  • Energy usage of the buildings with solar installed
  • Comparisons of how much the solar system should be generating versus actual generation on any given day
  • Alerts and faults diagnostics to identify and mitigate risks

This information has enabled the Port of Brisbane to maximise the current solar systems and provide a business case for additional systems to be installed. 

Scope of Services

Energa’s work with Port of Brisbane included the installation and setup of solar analytics on multiple port locations which provide insights into solar assets performance. 

Due to the success of the initial work, our relationship has continued to include the maintenance and monitoring of solar systems, improving overall solar panel efficiency.

Challenges and Opportunities

The Port of Brisbane has several solar installations on multiple sites within the Port, however it did not previously have visibility to be able to monitor and manage those assets in real time. This prevented the organisation from being able to ensure their solar panel system was operating safely, correctly, and efficiently. 

Additionally, over time, dust and debris can build up in solar panels and without appropriate scheduling of cleaning and real time fault detection, the performance of the solar panel system can be compromised and even present a fire hazard. 

Solutions and Innovations

Energa helped the Port of Brisbane achieve real time visibility of solar production at five solar installations at the Port and real time visibility on energy used at the solar points.

The data from each solar panel can be monitored in a mobile app or our web portal, enabling problems and defects to be traced in real-time, helping to keep energy more efficient and the individual ports safer. 

Energa is now looking at how to add additional solar assets to the platform and improve solar panel efficiency to further reduce energy usage at the Port and save energy costs.

“Energa worked with Port of Brisbane to improve our data capture and analysis of solar assets via the installation of solar analytics devices. This allowed the port to more accurately quantify the benefits of solar energy, collect and report data more efficiently and improve asset maintenance (through improved scheduling of cleaning and near real time fault detection). Overall, the Port of Brisbane has a better understanding of its solar assets due to the assistance of Energa.”

- Michael Linde

Port of Brisbane Senior Environment Advisor