Do you want to take control of your electricity bill and save the planet at the same time? Renewable energy specialists, Energa, will show you how. Commercial solar is rapidly becoming an integral element in efficient business planning for many Australian companies.

Government statistics illustrate that a record 11.5 million solar panels have been installed nationally, in both commercial and residential properties. 3.5 million solar panels were installed in 2017 alone.

Renewable energy is trending, and solar power is an attractive and reliable financial asset to any business or household. The Australian climate with its intense sunshine provides an unlimited resource for solar energy production and the financial advantage from installing solar provides a compelling argument for any business.

Why should businesses go solar?


1. Reduced operating costs

A solar power system will reduce or even eliminate your electricity bill. For large or small businesses, financial savings will have a remarkable impact. A solar power system isn’t one size fits all, it is customised to your business. Energa ensures that your company’s energy strategy is set for maximum efficiency and savings.

The cost of solar panels is decreasing, but savings are reaching new heights. Rather than saving 4% of your power bill, Energa’s solar specialists can suggest up to 50-60% reduction in electricity costs. The installation of solar panels is a cost for businesses, but the long-term impact will be a fundamental saving.

2. Energy can be an asset

 Renewable energy not only saves but can also make money. A solar power system is tax deductible, but not only as a business expense. Renewable energy solutions are an asset to your business. The excess solar power you generate will overflow back into the power grid and can pay you credits.

Also, under the Australian Tax Office 2015 Federal Budget tax concessions for small business, a solar energy system can be claimed as a depreciable asset. This applies to small businesses with income less than $10 million. The incentive currently expires 30th June 2018.

Businesses are eligible for small-scale or large-scale certificates under the Federal Governments Renewable Energy target for solar installations. Either certificate provide a significant financial incentive for businesses to install solar. Energa will help you apply for any business solar rebates or grants, you are eligible to receive.

3. Long-term environmental investment

Do you want to do more than just recycle your printer cartridges or go paperless? Do you want to make a bigger commitment to cleaner energy solutions? Every industry can reap the benefits from going solar.

The sun is a clean energy source, which removes carbon emissions. Burning fossil fuels causes long-term issues: i.e. the overall temperature increase of the planet, the release of toxic chemicals, and the destruction of wildlife habitats.

If maintained, solar panels have an efficient lifespan, and the sun isn’t going anywhere just yet. A solar power system is a future investment for your business, and for the longevity of our planets life, not just an energy plan to recharge your laptop.

4. Build a positive brand image

Government, business and the general public are looking for sustainable businesses to support. Earning the ‘green label’ is a very attractive accomplishment for your business.

There are various environmental accreditation available to businesses who install solar panels, such as ISO 14001. Obtaining independent accreditation will build a positive brand image and help expand your business, thereby also increasing your profitability.

5. Important considerations for your business

Firstly, your roof size. The installation of solar panels depends on the size of the solar power system you require to meet your energy needs, and determining the best location. It can take anywhere from one day to several weeks. Energa will work with you to decide the most effective solution for your business and ensure the least disruption.

Energa will work with you to understand your grid connection requirements and obtain the required building or council permits. Once the system is installed, power will need to be switched off temporarily, but Energa will work around your schedule, in order to minimise the disturbance to your business.

The long-term benefits of solar energy greatly exceed any short-term installation inconveniences. Solar energy will profit your business.

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