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Energa is a Queensland based, Australian company that can supply all your renewable energy needs. We are strategically headquartered in Brisbane, with regional offices across Australia. We have 30 years project experience and have completed over 8950 projects across Australia.

With a wealth of experience in our team, we can provide smarter energy solutions that provide significant cost savings in power bills for all our customers. We source the best cost-saving energy management software, services, products and solutions from around the world, such as the UK’s powerPerfector.

With Energa, you can source fully-supported, commercial solar panels for your business; have custom renewable energy systems designed by our experienced engineers; discuss battery storage solutions or other power optimisation management strategies with our friendly consultants who will help you meet your financial targets; and more. We also offer flexible payment options and full project finance if required.

Energa are accredited experts in improving businesses’ energy efficiency, power optimisation and energy management.

We achieve this by sourcing and recommending only the best equipment and software solutions from renewable energy suppliers around the world; Combined with the knowledge and expertise of our our expert energy consultants and technicians.

Energa’s consultants will help you pinpoint where you are wasting money and work with you to find the best equipment and software from around the world for your renewable energy needs.

With Energa, you can manage and track all your power optimisation systems easily through one provider with one planned amount each month. We offer our customers ease, simplicity, peace of mind and savings.

We offer a broad spectrum of products – from commercial solar to ‘off the grid’ solutions – ensuring that your company’s strategy is set for maximum efficiency & savings. Our full spectrum of solutions means you can deal with one supplier you trust, removing the complexity and inefficiency of dealing with multiple suppliers.

Our aim is to achieve Simplicity and Savings for your business.

We bring trusted advice back to the solar sector

At Energa, we take integrated, open, transparent approach and understand that as customers differ in size and nature, so do their needs. We tackle each assignment appropriately.

Our offering ranges from pre-configured, rapidly deploy-able packages for small business; Through to recommending and implementing solutions via strategic and consultative advice for larger business and government.

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