Achieving the highest renewable energy savings for businesses, schools and organisations

Energa is a single provider for all your renewable energy needs. We offer a broad spectrum of products and smart technology – from commercial solar to voltage power optimisation devices and off the grid solutions – ensuring that your company’s strategy is set for maximum efficiency & savings.

Our service is to keep it simple. We will work closely with you so that we understand your needs and effectively deliver the outcomes that benefit you. We use data to help you optimise your energy use and smart technology that knows when you need more or less electricity.

Whatever the size or nature of your business, Energa has solutions that will drive efficiencies and simplify renewable energy for your business, school or organisation.

Read how we helped St Paul’s School in Brisbane achieve in excess of 50% cost saving on their electricity bill, using our methodology and technology. 

St Paul’s School achieves in excess of a 50% cost saving with a custom-designed, smart energy solution

Excitement is high at St Paul’s School in Bald Hills, Brisbane, Queensland; 1,846 solar panels have been installed on rooftops at the school, achieving enormous cost savings and benefits. The 627kw project in its first year is projected to save St Paul’s hundreds of...


Why choose Energa?



We ensure your business optimises its equipment and saves energy. Our energy solutions save money on electricity, productivity, and equipment repairs. We look at your energy and voltage profile and prepare a preliminary investment case outlining the financial benefits for your business.


We help your business reduce  your carbon footprint. We care for the environment and your business, with smart energy solutions tailored to your specific energy needs. We will work with you to reduce your environmental impact and help you become more eco-friendly and sustainable.  


We believe simplicity is key. We provide renewable energy and monitoring services, with full support from our national service team and support network. We minimise disruption and keep your energy system running more efficiently, allowing you to focus on managing your business.


We are one of Australia’s leading providers of renewable energy solutions, specialising in energy efficiency, power optimisation, and energy management. We offer a broad spectrum of products ensuring that your company’s strategy is set for maximum efficiency and savings.



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