Farmers and growers will be benefit from a different type of harvest – the sun’s energy through commercial solar, battery storage and improved energy efficiency.

We have seen energy prices become a force of their own so take the time to understand your set up to find a tailored solution just for your business. Distance isn’t an issue as we have resources and support across Australia.

One of the greatest opportunities for agribusiness for savings is being able to generate and consume your own energy – when and where you need it. Understanding your equipment and energy needs all year is also important for finding opportunities for battery storage and other power optimisation options.

Freight Logistics

We have achieved amazing results for transport and logistics operators already.

We are continuing to look at ways to make a difference and are in early stage development of diesel reduction strategies to reduce fuel with the injection of Hydrogen

By taking a detailed view of your business, we can identify options for onsite commercial solar generation, battery storage and power optimisation. Time of use analysis also represents decreased energy cost options for freight, transport and logistic providers.


With many buildings, sporting fields, swimming pools, laboratories and indoor theatres, education providers have the opportunity to lower their energy bills with help from energa.

By doing a thorough analysis, Energa will be able to provide options on how to reduce one of their biggest costs each year.

The bonus is that it provides a learning environment for their students at the same time.


As energy is one of the core costs in your business Energa sees the large scale and continuous reductions in the manufacturing sector. With expert engineering analysis on site, energa can reduce your total energy bill by using technology to manage demand and get better energy efficiency for your manufacturing equipment.

Many manufacturing sites have multiple options for savings, and energa works with you to determine the greatest ROI based on your business. If you have large roof space, and don’t use the same level of energy all day, or even all year, then it’s time to get in touch.


It doesn’t matter if you are a hospital, aged care or medical centre, if your energy bills are creeping up each year then it is prudent to investigate where energa could bring down energy costs for your organisation.

By reducing costs, more funds are made available for other value adding aspects of health care.

With large or multiple sites, different time of use requirements an analysis by the team at Energa could find energy cost savings and storage opportunities across your network.


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