Use your commercial sites to gain access to the cheapest form of electricity available to Australian businesses.

Solar panels use the sun’s radiation to generate heat and convert it into electricity on your site. 

This reduces the amount of electricity you require from the grid and lowers your energy costs, as you do not have to pay for transmission and distribution costs for the energy you generate on site.

With over 30 years of industry experience we have refined the options to provide clients where they are sitting on their energy loop and how to reduce the costs of their energy bills.

  • 10,000 + Systems installed
  • 30+ years industry experience

Our clients are fully supported by a national service team and support network.


Safe to install and maintain. Your roof can be your greatest asset if you have the space. We’ve installed hundreds of rooftop solar systems across our 30 years of experience.

Ground Mount

Turn a vacant block of land into a profit generating energy source. Ground mounted systems provide great efficiencies at larger scales.

Solar Shades

You’ll see a lot of industrial and commercial businesses turning their carparks into a functional solar asset. The structures are modular and can be suited to any size.

man installing solar panels
solar farm birds eye view