Our Process

Energa’s Process

Energa offers range of energy saving, energy management and voltage optimisation services for businesses and organisations of all sizes. Read more about the services we offer below.

Energy Audit
  • Understanding goals
  • Energy analysis
  • Site inspections
  • Energy modelling
  • Build business case
  • Quantify the return
  • Discuss priorities
Energy Design

In the design phase we make sure you don’t over capitalise so to help us identify the best options we consider four things

  1. Performance
  2. Return on investment
  3. Safety
  4. Efficient Design

There are many other considerations, and each site and client is different, but we also consider

    • Network engagement
    • Design and scope
    • Emerging technologies.
  • For each project we break down each procurement and finance method available to businesses so you can make the best choice on your return on investment.

    • Engineering and specifications
    • Network approvals
    • Procuring and contracting
    • Finance – Solar Finance, Capex, Power Purchase
    • Quality assurance
    • Risk management
Project Manage

Energa has delivered renewable energy solutions across a number of states in Australia, we understand it’s important to have a familiarity with local building codes and regulations. We will handle all DA applications in a professional and timely manner to take the stress out of it for you. We also take care of

    • Project management
    • On-site QA & QC
    • Stakeholder management
    • Installation scheduling
    • Contract management
    • Commissioning
    • Logistics
Maintain & Monitor
  • Asset Management
  • Maintenance for Contractual agreements
  • Monthly reporting
  • Auditing of your system
  • Power Purchase Agreements (storage and solar)


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